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Developing the Shatterizer Brand

In 2016 Matt Zysman developed a revolutionary vape pen for the cannabis community. He named it the “Shatterizer”. The prototypes were very well received and he decided to go into large-scale production. Being a new start-up, the challenge for him was how to break through and gain a share of the growing cannabis market dominated by large established manufacturers.

This is the task GROOVE faced when it was hired to help develop the brand. Beginning with the logo, my approach was to create as much distance as possible from the traditional “cannabis leaf “imagery reflected in so many other logos and trademarks in that industry. Both the client and I embraced the idea of creating a simple, distinctive icon that would be easily recognizable and hopefully stand the test of time. This is the strategy that resulted in the stylized “S” icon formed from vapours.

The visual reference to cannabis vapours and the hashtag @PerfectClouds was then carried over into many of the other marketing elements that we designed. They include: Style Guide, Packaging, Sales Support Materials, Point of Purchase, Print and Digital Advertising, Web Design and Social Media Marketing.

For the complete visual story visit our portfolio section that features Shatterizer here.

Social Media in particular is a cluttered place to promote your brand, so keeping that in mind, the strategy was to go BIG, BOLD and EYE CATCHING with the campaigns. But most important of all, was maintaining frequency and staying consistently on brand. I worked closely with Shatterizers Marketing Director to make this happen. In early 2021 Shatterizer expanded into cannabis extracts manufacturing and the same strategy was deployed there as well.

The result? In just a few short years the Shatterizer brand has experienced incredible growth and recognition in the cannabis industry. There is a growing list of storefront and government run retailers coming on board. The company continues to expand and launch new hardware and extracts products both in Canada and internationally.