Why blend in with the crowd when your brand can be as distinctive as your fingerprint?


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A Respect for Timeless Brands

Ever since I was a young boy holed up in my room with pencil and paper, trying to faithfully recreate the artwork from my favorite cereal boxes, packaging, and sports crests, I have been obsessed with graphics, pop culture, and logos.  That passion just continued to grow over time and ultimately led me to a career in graphic design.

Over my career, I have had the opportunity to develop and nurture a wide range of brands from many different industries – both consumer and business-facing. Experience has taught me a few things about what makes for a successful brand.

My most important takeaway is that there really is no substitute for the power of a timeless classic brand. In my opinion, a brand that has maintained a distinctive and consistent look, feel, and tone over many years has a big advantage over a brand that has continually re-invented itself or is simply riding on current trends. A timeless brand conveys experience and trust.

A classic brand, if properly nurtured, can leverage a continuous growth in brand equity in a way that the flavor of the month crowd just can’t compete with. Besides in this era of increasing low-cost cookie-cutter marketing solutions isn’t “brand equity” more important than ever?

Let’s face it, the internet can be a wonderful tool for marketing your business, but it’s a very busy place, and standing out from the crowd has never been a harder task.

GROOVE is committed to designing brands that are distinctive and that can stand the test of time. I invite you to put my talent and expertise to work for you!

Gord Naunton

Creative Director